What Not to do During Auto Transport


We recently shipped a 1988 Toyota Dolphin RV from Penn Valley, CA to Candler, NC. We encountered a bit of some trouble due to the customers reckless negligence. Our driver called into the office to explain that he got flagged at a weigh station and was waiting on state police to arrive.

When the state police arrived, they did a thorough search through the RV. You can say the driver as well as us were surprised to see that our customer was transporting narcotics inside the RV. This is never acceptable. Luckily, the driver had all the paperwork showing that this was not a personal vehicle and this was being shipped for a gentlemen located in North Carolina. The police seized all narcotics and paraphernalia and gave the driver paperwork regarding the seizure.

When the driver arrived at the scene of the delivery and presented the paperwork and situation to the customer, the customer was sincerely apologetic. He affirmed that he lied to dispatch when he stated that the vehicle was completely empty of all non-stationed personal belongings. He paid the remaining balance and the driver went about his way.

A couple of days later, we called down to the customer and explained to him that he put our drivers safety and freedom at risk and that is unacceptable. Once again, he was apologetic and did not think twice that the vehicle would be searched.

When you are shipping a vehicle, it is not a good idea to leave personal belongings inside. It is NEVER okay to leave illegal items such as narcotics and firearms within the vehicle. Not only do you put yourself at risk for arrest, you are also putting an innocent driver trying to make an honest dollar at risk. The driver is the one in possession of your vehicle at the time during transit. Be smart and courteous to them. It would not be right for them to take a harsh hit for your ignorance.

We will not mention any names, order numbers or detainment location for the safety and security of each individuals privacy. But we want to make you aware (if you were not already), that this is not acceptable. Our company and our network carriers are not your drug mules and should not be utilized as such.