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Everyday trucks and combination truck and trailers transport goods and equipment from businesses and consumers all across the country. These products can range from multiple boxes and several different shipments in a single trailer to machinery and oversized construction equipment requiring special kinds of trailers requiring the correct support and load balancing needed for legal transportation along highways and interstates. What is over size or over dimensional freight? Over dimensional freight is basically freight that is to large to be divided up into smaller loads, the freight is longer, taller and/or wider than is normally allowed on the roads. The rules for over dimensional freight vary from state to state, for example a load may be considered oversized in some states and some states might not classify the load as such.

Millennium Transport Corp. ships freight all across the country in a variety of forms, one of our latest shipments for oversized freight was hauling a John Deere which was 34′L x 10’3″W x 13′H at 57,000 lbs. Because of the size and weight the load required the use of a 3 axle Removable Gooseneck trailer. The Removable Gooseneck Trailer, or RGN, is unique and versatile in the fact that the gooseneck part of the trailer can be removed to allow the front of the trailer to set on the ground and act as a loading ramp for the equipment. The RGN trailer serves as an excellent choice for hauling oversized equipment, as it is able to haul up to 150,000 pounds and can be configured with up to 20 axle for weight distribution.

Millennium Transport Corp. can provide you with a fast, accurate & guaranteed rate for your oversize loads & heavy hauls. Oversize loads are challenging to transport, whether it’s across town or across multiple state lines. You want to know your costs up front and you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. Millennium Transport Corp. can get your over dimensional freight from its pick-up point to its destination, with every possible complication accounted for in advance. We take care of all the nitty gritty from start to finish. If the route your oversized load is running requires permits, Millennium Transport will even pull the permits & in most cases, save you a little bit of money doing so. If you are in the need of heavy haul shipping services, you’d be doing yourself a favor contacting Millennium Transport. Please feel free to call our office Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm Eastern Standard Time, e-mail us or request a quote online today! Go on, Discover the Millennium Difference for Yourself.


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