Is Your Quote “Too Good to be True”?

Some things you can go the cheapest route on: generic toilet paper, marked down milk, or thrift store clothes. But when it comes to shipping your vehicle, you get what you pay for. Customer service, adequate insurance and trust are all equally important, and with the right company, it’s worth every penny you spend. Here’s why it pays to invest in the right one.

Paying What It’s Worth 

The cost of your vehicle depends on several factors: the type of vehicle you own, the type of carrier you need (open or closed transit), how far you’re going and how quickly you need it to get there. Shipping a 4-door family vehicle can cost between $600-$1,000 (with the lower amount being shipped during ‘off season’ during the winter months). The greater distance you’re taken it, the more it will cost. Saving yourself the time away from work, the hassle of driving it yourself, and the professionalism of a shipping company is all part of what you pay for.

Why Are Shipping Fees All Over the Place?

The hardest thing for people researching car moving companies to understand is that the prices they are getting are not hard and fast guarantees, but rather ESTIMATES of what one company thinks it will take to get a vehicle moved promptly versus another company’s opinion of what it will take.

That being said, there are not carriers committed to take your vehicle at these quoted prices, the company you choose will still have to get to work getting a carrier to commit to move it at the price they quote you. Hidden fees are your biggest red flag that the company you’re invested in may only be interested in the bottom line – making money. Don’t rush, splurge and sign with the first shipping company you talk to. Shop around, and make sure they answer all of your questions – with all their fees out there for you to see.

America’s Leading Car Shipping Company 

With it comes to your vehicle, should you put it in the hands of an amateur, or even a mediocre one. Put it in the hands of a 5-star review, iron-clad guarantee that your vehicle will be taken care of and be delivered in the exact shape you left it at. Millennium Transport Corp. is trusted by consumers & corporations all throughout the United States & Canada. Millennium Transport holds ourselves to the highest standard of excellence and provide guaranteed, reliable & seamless auto shipping solutions. We boast a network of over 3500 licensed, insured and reputable carriers and each and every carrier is vetted and screened to fit a specific criteria to ensure you the highest level of service & care possible. Trust the experts (as if your car deserves any less). Request a quote online or call (800) 790-5325 and speak with an auto shipping expert today!


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