Car Shipping to Jacksonville, FL

Car Shipping to Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is a city in Duval County, of which it is the county seat, and is also the largest by population in Florida. It is home to over 868,000 residents and anchors a metro area of over 1.57 million. This makes car shipping to Jacksonville a lot easier to find and book as it attracts a lot of auto shipping carriers. Auto transport companies go where their customers are going – it’s the easiest way to make money and keeps their trucks full of loads. As such, prices tend to go down on routes into and out of Jacksonville due to high demand. Couple this with the fact that the metro area is full of snowbird auto transport areas, and you have a recipe for cheap, fast auto shipping services year round.


Why Car Shipping to Jacksonville is Popular

The biggest reason why car shipping to Jacksonville is so popular is its sheer size. As we mentioned, car shippers like routes to and from big cities, but you also have to look at where those cities are in relation to others. So, with Jacksonville, it sits close to some seriously big cities in the south, notably Orlando, Miami, Savannah, Columbus and Atlanta. These are all popular car transport locations and they indirectly make it easier to find car shipping to Jacksonville.

It also really helps that Jacksonville sits right along two major interstate highways in I-10 and I-95. The first runs east-west along the southern U.S. and the second runs north-south up the east coast. This gives carriers running routes to Jacksonville access to a number of other major car transport markets. More importantly, it allows them to get from one to the other quickly and efficiently. This helps keep your prices for car shipping to Jacksonville – and other cities – a lot lower and more competitive. It also makes it easier to find a carrier quickly, which results in faster auto shipping dispatch times.


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