Can I Ship a Lifted Vehicle?

Can I Ship a Lifted Vehicle or Pickup Truck?

Are you trying to ship a lifted car or pickup truck? If so, don’t fret – you can definitely ship one! But it can be tricky if you’ve never shipped one before, because a lifted pickup is a lot bigger than a standard car. Auto transporters look at what you’re shipping and where you’re shipping to and from, among other factors, when determining how much it will cost to ship a car. Naturally, lifted vehicles are bigger, heavier and taller than most vehicles. As such, many lifted pickup trucks cannot fit on a standard, open auto transport truck. This means that shippers have to get a bit creative when trying to ship a lifted pickup truck.

What to know when you ship a lifted pickup truck

As we mentioned most lifted trucks can’t fit on a standard car hauler. This requires auto shippers to take a different approach to shipping a lifted pickup, and typically this is done via a flatbed truck. Flatbed trucks can be more difficult to find, as they typically only haul specialty freight. Because of this, they’re not as in-demand as open or even enclosed carriers. So finding them takes a bit longer, and shipping prices tend to go up. But an open carrier can’t handle a flatbed truck, so even if you were to try to get around using a flatbed hauler it won’t work. It will just end up costing everyone more time and money if you lie about any lift your vehicle has.

So, if you ship a lifted pickup truck, make sure to have the dimensions of it on hand as well as the height of the lift. This information is important to determining which kind of carrier is going to be needed. Flatbed hauling does take more time and does cost a bit more, but typically it’s worth it. Some smaller lifts (less than four inches) may be able to fit on a standard open hauler, but it depends on the ride height of the truck. As such, having the dimensions of it when you’re getting quotes. This will make your quotes more accurate and make it easier to ship a lifted pickup truck for everyone involved.

Need to Ship a Lifted Vehicle?

If you are in need of shipping a vehicle or truck that has been lifted, do not worry! As we have stated, transport services can be provided. The photo above is a lifted vehicle we have just shipped recently. We ship hundreds of lifted vehicles on a monthly basis and have plenty of experience getting your lifted vehicle moved at a reasonable price. Please feel free to Request a Quote or call (800) 790-5325 and speak with an expert today! If you decide to use our web form, please just leave a note stating that your vehicle has been lifted or modified. That way we can generate you a guaranteed quote! Go on, Discover the Millennium Difference for Yourself.

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