Auto Transport for Dummies

Auto Transport? In layman’s terms, it is the act of moving a car from one state to another through some type of the various car shipping methods. Usually, this is done on the back of an open carrier. Not unlike the ones you see hauling new cars to dealerships on the highways.

They’re the most common type of carrier, and the least expensive. There are 2 types of auto transport companies. They are carriers and brokerages. Brokerages do not actually ship your vehicle. They coordinate the transport between you and the carrier, handling money and paperwork, leaving you with no heavy lifting. Carriers are the companies who actually haul your vehicle.

Brokerages are more common and always better to do business with. Due to their vast relations and connections with carriers, they usually help keep your prices low and the service on point.

Once you find the transport company of your choice, it is a pretty self explanatory process. We have listed these steps below.

Book your order – Booking your order is a pretty straight forward process. A representative of the company will take down all of the necessary information needed to fulfill your order and send over via e-mail or fax an order form and contract. Upon receiving a signed contract and securing a deposit, the representative will get to work on securing your spot on a carrier.

A carrier is assigned – A good representative will speak with his networked carriers and look at his lines and see what best matches your timeframe & price. Upon finding the perfect fit, your representative will secure your place on the carrier by assigning them to the order.

Carrier arrives on scheduled pickup day – Based off of the scheduled pickup date, a carrier will arrive to pick up your vehicle. Carriers usually call in the morning of your scheduled pickup date to provide you with a more accurate time of their arrival. At pickup, you and the carrier will do a thorough inspection marking down any notable damages and the condition of the vehicle they are picking up. Before the driver loads your vehicle, you will sign off on an inspection report.

Your vehicle is in transit – Your vehicle is on the back of the carrier and in route to its final destination. Depending on the distance and how many drops along the way will depend on your arrival date. Some carriers provide GPS tracking for you to track the progress of your order, while others will update you via phone call or text message.

Vehicle arrives at its final destination – The driver will call you the morning your vehicle is set to arrive and give you an accurate time of his arrival. At delivery, you or another point of contact will go through another inspection report to ensure the vehicle is being delivered in the same condition it was picked up in. Upon signing off on the inspection report, the vehicle will be released and your order is complete!

All information pertaining to the broker and carrier is available through your broker. Federal law requires brokers and carriers to be licensed, bonded & insured. Each company must be an active and authorized entity in order to transport vehicles. You can search companies by Name, DOT or MC# here.

If you are looking to ship a rare or expensive vehicle, open carrier shipping might not be the best option. In this case, enclosed carrier shipping might be the option for you. Enclosed carrier shipping is typically anywhere from 75-100% more expensive than open carrier shipping, but your vehicle is safe and secure from dirt, rocks and mother nature. Enclosed carriers also hold less vehicles than an open carrier, which makes transit time a bit quicker due to less stops. Most companies offer higher insurance coverage on vehicles that are shipped in an enclosed trailer. For most vehicles, open carrier transport will do just fine as damage during transport is a rare occurrence. People with more high end vehicles such as Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. might want to utilize an enclosed method of shipping.

In the unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged during shipping, you can file a claim with the carriers insurance company.

It doesn’t get much more simple than that.  It is important to know what you are getting into. Auto transport is not cheap, that is for sure. Make sure to do your research and find out the history of your company of choice. Read current and past reviews to avoid scams and incidents. A good website to utilize is Transport Reviews. It is always a good idea to shop around for a good transport company, and not to go with the lowest price. Low prices in car shipping can be a bad thing. We have all heard the old adage “You get what you pay for”. This holds significant meaning within the auto transport industry.

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